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Integrated Service Solutions is based in Atlanta, Georgia and serves a multi-state area in the southern U.S. Formed in 2003 its management team has decades of experience in electrical systems, commercial lighting, illuminated signs, electronic message centers and energy conservation programs. Integrated Service Solutions  staff is dedicated to providing exceptional value to its customers. Services are performed by carefully selected technicians trained to provide safe, reliable and cost effective services.

Our business systems and field infrastructure are designed to support demanding needs. We address the service protocols of commercial managers having diverse maintenance requirements.

We operate throughout the Southeast USA


You want to make the most of your operations by providing area lighting that is appropriate for the activities occurring there.   Overhead lighting that is ill-placed or insufficient is a safety concern—and can be inefficient and costly!   Whether it is used in racking or dock areas, or transitional space like floor stacking that supports cyclical inventory events, you seek an area lighting solution that accommodates the variety of ways space is used in your facilities today—and tomorrow.

Some Things to Consider
  • What are all of the activities performed in the area?
  • What traffic patterns do these activities create?
  • What level of configurability do you need for lamp spacing?
  • Is this area temperature controlled?
  • Is there particulate matter released as a result of manufacturing processes?

You want to maximize the work performed in your operations and know that having the right type of task lighting creates the productive environment you desire.  The standards for workplace lighting vary greatly.  As a result, you face a variety of requirements that are based on the types of tasks being done and individual employee preferences. 

Some Things to Consider
  • What types of work are being performed?
  • What lighting levels are required for this work?
  • What types of lighting controls do personnel need?
  • Are there daylighting options available?
  • Are different lamp and fixture types required for your task lighting?

Why Integrated Service Solutions?

Integrated Service Solutions leverages its experience in auditing, designing and installing task lighting solutions in industrial and commercial spaces.  We optimize lighting within each of the unique work environments that exists within your facilities and understand the specific needs of a variety of environments, including office, manufacturing, inspection, production and order picking. 

Applying our broad knowledge of industry vendors, we design lighting solutions that consider the management of mixed lamp inventory.  We strive to meet operational needs while understanding the need to consider efficiencies in ongoing maintenance .  We minimize your initial and ongoing costs while maximizing the energy efficiency of your installed solution.

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